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Color Explosion centers on the idea of boldly expressing oneself through color. Since color is all around us in many different forms, Color Explosion activities incorporate a wide variety of materials and techniques. Children may collage a rainbow using bright tissue paper, paint colorful landscapes and characters, use markers and watercolors to create vibrant spin-art designs, and so much more. Creativity and color abound as children gain new skills. They will also learn to appreciate the emotions associated with different colors while they create. Developmental Activation: Self-expression, confidence, emotional-intelligence Each COLOR EXPLOSION activity will include elements of the following: Introduction to Colors Discuss the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and how they can be mixed to create secondary colors (orange, green, purple) Have children create their own color wheels using paper and crayons Introduce the concept of warm and cool colors and have children identify examples of each Exploring Colors in the World Around Us Look around the studio and identify objects of different colors Discuss how colors can be used to express emotions and moods, and have children brainstorm examples Have children create a collage using magazine clippings of objects of different colors Creating with Colors Introduce the concept of color mixing and have children experiment with mixing primary colors to create secondary colors Provide children with a variety of art materials, such as paint, markers, and colored pencils, and encourage them to create their own colorful masterpieces Discuss how artists use color in their work and show examples of famous paintings or artworks Colorful Celebrations Discuss how different cultures and traditions use color in their celebrations and customs Have children create their own colorful decorations for a pretend party or celebration Discuss the symbolism of colors in different cultures and have children share their own cultural traditions involving color Color and Nature Discuss how colors are used in nature, such as for camouflage, attracting mates, and signaling danger Encourage children to create their own nature-inspired art

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