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60min | TACTILE DEVELOPMENT | Ages 1-4 Yrs

  • 1 hour


Grown Up & Me SENSORY 1+ gives children the chance to experience ART and materials in a very tactile manner. The class begins with our Hello song and introductions. Our instructor will then take children around to ART project stations that they can explore at their own pace during the duration of the class. These projects are curated to provide maximum opportunity for sensory input. Children will be able to dip their hands in paint to make a finger painted mural, build structures out of kinetic sand, touch liquid glue while creating a collage, mold play dough into animals, and much more. Additional elements like a sand bucket with funnels, tub of water beads and tools, and a water bin are used to add new stimuli for children to compare. We end our classes reading a story, singing our Goodbye song, and celebrating our hard work with a bubble dance party! Children leave with formative experiences involving texture and touch. Developmental Activation: sensory input, gross motor skills, curiosity

Upcoming Sessions

<br>At PLAYDAY we do not offer refunds of any kind. If need be, a booking may be cancelled with 24 hours notice through our booking platform on our website. Upon cancellation your account will be credited and you will be able to book an alternative date and time, space permitting.

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