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  • 1 hour


In this activity, children will learn the meaning of a “still life” by drawing vibrant and “mostly” accurate still life scenes. Objects in the setup vary from food, flowers, shells, books, vases, pool floats, and other common items that children have encountered in their daily lives. Instructors will offer guidance on how to create dimensional accuracy to have a picture that looks much like the original. Developmental Activation: observation, fine motor skills, patience Each STILL LIFE activity will include elements of the following: Introduction to still life art Children will learn about the history of still life art and its importance in the art world. They will also learn about the key elements of still life compositions, such as lighting, composition, and the use of color. Setting up a still life composition Children will learn how to set up a still life composition using objects from their everyday environment. They will learn how to arrange the objects in an interesting and balanced way, and how to use lighting to create mood and depth in their compositions. Drawing techniques Children will learn how to use pencils, charcoal, and other drawing tools to create a still life drawing. They will learn how to use line, shading, and other techniques to create a realistic and detailed drawing. Adding color Children will learn how to add color to their still life drawings using paint or colored pencils. They will learn about color theory and how to use color to create depth and interest in their compositions. Completing a still life artwork Children will use the skills they have learned to create a detailed and interesting still life composition, adding depth, mood, and realism to their work.

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